Janez Štros

Janez Štros was born in 1964. Janez Štros mainly creates abstracted works with technique oil on canvas. This means to hem free and unlimited space where he can show hes own perception of the world, creating new, exciting world of infinite multiplictiy of messages. Janez Štros paints the stories of inside experiences. His works of art begin in combination of methodical choice of the colour palette and the tale of coincidence. This is an approach which was introducedby Breton manifestand and the theory of subconscious.
Paintings of Janez Štros are made in the technique of oil on canvas. They are created from the inner urge, the desire to profess, to disclose his moods and feelings, personal spiritual states, thoughts and insights. Contents, in which the flow of subliminal is trapped, have an effect on the level of abstract, although illusory forms emerge in them that allude to the subject of reality. The author opens up the door to the most intimate corners of the soul with colors. They are his allies, confidants, partners in discussion, and conveyers of harmonious states, suggestions and symbolic messages. Although a colouristic hedonist, he never uses the entire spectrum, but for each painting chooses its own color concept. He enriches it with endless overflows, shine, stream, synthesising and spreading of color. Layers of color are applied in multi-layer overlap. This results in a unique painting, characterized by a special softness of alloy of colors and countless diverse traces combined in the composition of free, open, dynamic scenes in vivid, pulsating images. With each creation Janez Štros discloses a part of his truth, the art visualization of which consequently represents an experience of personal catharsis.  

You are an Angel too

Official title of the project: YOU Are an ANGEL Too (Slovene: Tudi TI si ANGEL)

FB page of the project: www. facebook.com - Tudi TI si ANGEL

About the project YOU Are an ANGEL Too:

In December 2016, upon publication of the book titled YOU ARE AN ANGEL TOO, the Kranj Rotary Club, in cooperation with its member and the writer of the said book Janez Štros, started a very special project – Giving a helping hand to children with special needs.

The purpose of the project is to help the institutions in which these children are accepted in all their uniqueness, both here in Slovenia, and also elsewhere throughout the world. These children, who have been branded as “children with special needs” by the society, are “our” children, who deserve to be given greater consideration, as they have been pushed to the edge of the society and left to be forgotten far too often. 

This is why we have made a decision to expand and plan our project in the long-term. We are only too well aware that these children are, and will be, part of our society, part of our lives. 

In the past two years, we have made the first steps, the steps of help towards changes. The first to feel the changes were the children from the Helena Puhar Primary School in Kranj. We have, namely, equipped a multi-sensory room for them, and built a sensory path. Moreover, we have helped furnish two rooms with movement-sensory equipment in the Janez Levec Primary School in Ljubljana, and participated in the purchase of aids for the multi-sensory room in Jel Janežič Primary School in Škofja Loka. In addition to that, we have helped the SONČEK Society by giving them a donation, and we have also donated some funds for the provision of nurophysiotheraphy.

Every donated sum has helped to improve, enrich, and change the lives of these children at least somewhat. The realisation that only perseverance, hard work, and the awareness that someone needs YOUR help has been the guiding principle of each and every individual involved in the project. 

The vision and the ultimate goal of the project YOU Are an ANGEL Too is to enable jointly and, thus, ensure a brighter future of “our” children.  

“Our” children are the children of “our” world, therefore, one of our goals is to take the project YOU Are an ANGEL Too to the wider world. 

We are proud, and, above all, pleased that it was precisely the project YOU Are an ANGEL Too that has been chosen to be presented at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, taking place from 1 to 5 June, 2019.  

We believe that this is the moment that will contribute to our achieving the goal pursued by the project. 

We are also certain that this is the moment when we will be able to touch the hearts of people and, thus, give wings to the project to be taken into the wider world.


The goals of the project YOU Are an ANGEL Too:

Our primary goal is to dedicate the resources raised to the institutions taking care of the children with special needs, and, thus, help them in the purchase of technical aids, equipment for the multi-sensory room, the movement-sensory room, the music room, and much more, all with the purpose of enabling these children a more quality use of time, and development of senses and personality. In short, we want to give them a better today for a brighter tomorrow.

 “Many hands make light work” is a saying that still holds true. In Kranj Rotary Club we are aware of its meaning, and, in particular, the results that can be achieved if we all step together.

We would like to invite companies and individuals to the project and ask them to make donations in the sum of at least 20.00 EUR. As a way of thank you, all the donators will receive the book YOU ARE AN ANGEL TOO by Janez Štros.

Therefore, dear friends and donators

the project YOU Are an ANGEL Too is a well-conceived project, part of which YOU can also become. 

Our great wishes and goals however, can only be achieved in the largest possible manner, with YOUR help, YOUR willpower, courage, and desire to help “our” children.

The angel story is bound up in a cycle of 37 paintings. Each holds a piece of my most intimate confession. The scope is not coincidental but deliberately determined and meaningful. It does not belong to some general symbolism but to the artist’s world of personally selected symbolic meaning.

What is your art about?

My paintings can be characterized as expressive colourful abstractions. Contentwise, they are intangible, autonomous fine art specimens which expose and contemplate my inner world like an open book. They originate freely and tempt the beholder into their own liberated experiences. From the paintings, however, arise mirage-like segments that seem almost within reach.

The artwork is composed of multiple layers, a dynamic interaction of my conscious marks and spontaneous reaction to the contours in colour and unfolding “the story” therein. Diverse in character, invariably uncensored, primordial, eruptive strokes bring colourful grandeur starting in near monochromatism and ascending irrepressibly toward a spectrum of rainbow colours. I pursue my personal frames of mind and intimate states of soul and spirit by using the entire palette. As Wassily Kandinsky would have said, colour, like music finds the most straightforward avenue to the soul.

The paint coatings string side by side overlaying and communicating reciprocally, synthesizing and vanishing. This is how unique and softly remarkable alloys of colours and endlessly diverse traces originate. Abundant coatings of oil paint conjure up thickness and gently awaken texture of a painting joined by entirely transparent interspace. The state on the surface depends on the occurrences underneath as well as on the stretching of the colour membranes at lower levels. They partly but decisively break through onto the exterior, or alternatively subtly radiate all the way through it, playing a vital part in marking its colouristic occurrences and bringing up a dimension of illusionistic deepness.

The painting epidermis is getting a more and more interesting and telling art moment. Thickenings shape an outstanding superficial motion, which has an organic design.

Although the structure becomes a stronger artistic segment, it does not veil motley art happenings existing under materialised concreteness.

The paintings represent free, open, and dynamic composition percepts not confined by the rim of a canvas. Namely, they cross its frames and silently fill up the wider space. These are specimens, overwhelming with great variety of graphic events. They are living, pulsating artworks born from an inner urge, vibrating in a wider space.

At first sight, there is nothing figurative in the abundance of colours, lines, shapes, and structures. Along the observer’s open and punctilious communication with each painting, shapes of determinable design enter visual life. They are more visible to some than others, depending on the individual’s immersion into the tissue of the painting and his/her readiness to perceive their essence. Despite their impact on the mirage level they allude to the concrete reality. They are mostly articulated in figuratively designed shapes.

How would you define art?

“Great works of art come either from great joy or great pain,” says an unknown author. This very truth interconnects my latest oeuvres. With these works of art, I ceased in my instant and through my language of art dedicated my emotions to the paintings.


What is your art about?

My paintings can be characterized as expressive colourful abstractions. Contentwise, they are intangible, autonomous fine art specimens which expose and contemplate my inner world like an open book. They originate freely and tempt the beholder into their own liberated experiences. From the paintings, however, arise mirage-like segments that seem almost within reach.


With my own creative energy and own temper, I make steps into the distinctiveness and reache across borders of conventionalism and beyond established fine art culture. From the outside, my painting is distinctive and authorially unique, colourfully concrete and forceful whereas from the inside it is subtle, lyrical, and full of latent contents. It is the kind of art that binds my inner being with the outer world.

So whenever a sensitive eye strolls the surface of my paintings, it witnesses the deepness of art space charged with emotions.